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January Meeting Report

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Download Filters in Az.


No Doubt, by ‘every study,’ I do not , of course, mean to include the study of how to be a pompous ass, which is the only study to which your offspring are likely to be inclined. *

It had to happen. There is an attempt to restrict what students at university can download off the net. Ok, so they’re surfing for pr0n, mp3’s, and political websites. They’re surfing for things that are not directly related to a class.

Good for them. Universities are dedicated to the expansion of knowlege. Even if it isn’t related to a class. I went to university at where the intention was to provide for study in every field for every person. And they sort of succeed.

Excepting (of course) the study of how to be a pompous ass.

The utility of a university is maybe 10% related to the goings on in the classroom. It’s who you meet. It’s the odd things that you can explore at 3am. It’s the research in the labs and the libraries. Finding that book that you’d never find if you were looking for it. The freedom to noodle.

Restricting speech and action at a University is a denial of the very reason for its existence.

  Restrict speech and the buildings remain.
  Students will still get an education.
  There will still be administrators.

But the university isn’t buildings, professors and students. It’s the collection of people in search of knowlege. When that search is restrained, the University dies. And restricting speech is a primary restraint.

* Quote from Matt Ruff, Fool on the Hill 1988. p 3

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This is a macro and page script for manila sites that will give you a way to email the current page to yourself or a friend. Only Members can email a page. The email appears to come from the member’s account.

To install this code, retrieve the fat page using the link above and open it in frontier. There are 4 pieces. Version is the version of this code. EmailThisPage should go in the root of your manila site. EmailThisPageMacro should go in your tools table, or some other place that is in scope for macros. The contents of the legal macros table should be put in your config.mainresponder.prefs.legalmacros table.

To use it in a page, use the macro:


This is the result:

Email this page to

There are a couple of issues here that will have to be dealt with before it goes into a production version.

  1. Html isn’t dealt with intelligently.
  2. Macros aren’t expanded yet
  3. You need access to the Manila server for it to work.

I’m thinking about how to fix all of these, but for now I’m going to release it, since there are a lot of a pages that this will work well for.

It’s a start.


January Seattle Frontier Users’ Group Meeting

Michael Gilbert will be hosting the January Seattle Frontier Users’ Group meeting at his apartment on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm. E-mail me (seafug@soroos.net) or Michael (mcg@halcyon.com) for an RSVP and directions.

On tap for the meeting will be a demo of one of Socialecology’s projects (The stuff that Michael and I have been working on). I’m not sure which project we’re going to demo yet, but there will be something.

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I love My Miata

Dave loves his Qube. I love my Miata.

They’re not that different. Dave saw a qube and wanted it. I drove a Miata.

Qubes are small machines that do a few things well. They are the reliability of a linux box and the interface that Apple would use. They do just about anything you’d need, except for big iron type of things.

Miatas are small cars that do a couple of things really well. They have the reliablilty of a Japanese car and the emotional appeal of a British sports car. It works for most of your daily driving, unless you need to haul large things about.

Qubes come in one really bright color. Miatas come (or have come) in your choice of colors, incluing bright red, yellow and blue.

They are both classics, although I hazard a guess that the Miata isn’t going to suffer fron Moore’s law quite like the qube does.

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Richard Nixon: I am not a crook.
Paul Schell: I am not a wuss.

Yeah, whatever Paul. We believe you. Really. With any luck, Seattle will look so screwed up that no outsiders want to move here any more. If that’s your aim, I support you. Otherwise…

The previous “Y2k” story.

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First Post!

First Post!

I get to do that cause it’s my site.

It’s good to be the king.


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