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Holiday Snaps

One more cross country dash, punctuated by 2 parts of the airport triathalon at O’Hare. (We did the two concourse run and the hurry up and wait, missed the heavy lifting). Once again, flying United, and having enough leg room.

I don’t say this enough. An airline did a good job and made a comfortable economy seat for someone 6’5″ tall. Maybe there’s disturbance in the force.

Here are some pics of random holiday bits at the childhood home. Click for larger versions.

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2 flights, minor delays and 2 train rides later, I’m home. Only 12 hours of traveling to get across the country.

Including the most pleasant completely full redeye I’ve ever had. I was on a united airbus plane, and I had LEGROOM, enough that my knees never hit the seat in front of me. And I’m 6’5″. A good movie on the plane (toy story 2) meant that I didn’t have to break out the iBook dv and play from my own supply. I even caught some more jokes that I hadn’t seen before, including that Xarcon’s nerf gun goes to 11.

So now the whole family has assembled for christmas, some from seattle, one from boston, and the rest hosting in Virginia. For me, this is christmas; traditional food, some gifts, old friends, and the whole family.

Merry Christmas!

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Like water

If you learn nothing else in this life, remember this.

Don’t ever come between a woman and chocolate. Nothing good can ever come of it.

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Christmas Cheer

the christmas ficus

Ok, so I don’t go in for elaborate Christmas Decorations. Since I’m going to be out of town for a while, the house was pretty bare. Except for my sister’s christmas cookies, which apparently are mostly for presents for co-workers.

Until now. I present the Christmas Ficus. The poor forlorn plant that has suffered in the house for a year now gets abused with decorations. And a the tail end of a 100 light set.

I might point out that this is not my fault. Well, except for the part about not getting an evergreen tree to take the abuse. And the lights. I did do the lights. And the picture. And the total lack of other decorations around the house.

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Winter Oh Joy…


It’s snowing with big fluffy flakes. Just in time for the flakes commuting home to panic and make my commute take 4x as long.

Relax. Don’t Panic. It’s not that hard. Just try not to run into me and we’ll all get through this. I’ll be the one in the red miata with the top down.

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To sell your soul for your country is noble,
But for Texas?

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More on the Occupation

Ok. I’m happy for all of you. You’ve made your point.

Now go the hell home, and stop bothering us. If you want to continue making a point, practice what you’re preaching. Stop wearing Nike’s and claiming you’re an anarchist. Stop throwing stuff at the police and claiming that you’re excercising your right to free assembly.

The 5 helicopters for the ‘little year WTO’ after protests were annoying. Attracting the droning, minnow like aircraft to neighborhoods were people are trying to have a life.

But there had to be a bomb threat at the Starbucks near my office (Olive & Summit). While you’re having your little impotent political brain fart, the rest of the neighborhood is trying to actually do something useful with our lives.

I’ve never set foot in that Starbucks before, but I might do it now, just to piss you off. Imagine, making a political statement through everyday activity.

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