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Things not to do…

  • When downloading 500 megs of stuff from a slowish site, don’t go messing with firewall rules when you’re most of the way done.
  • That creaking noise from your seatpost? Don’t ignore it. You may want to check on the bolts. Fatigue failure makes that sort of noise.
  • Quit while you’re ahead. You’ve still got to finish the race. That goes for weeding too.
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Extend Microsoft Free Fridays to cover Outlook/Outlook Express.

Those of us with mailservers and procmail could use a user agent filter to return the following text on fridays:

Sorry, your message could not be delivered because: 

There is a high probablilty that your email message 
was infected with a virus, since it came from Outlook. 
Please hang up and try your message later with a 
safe email client.

Of course, this could adversly affect productivity in offices where outlook is the default mailer, but no worse than when 100 computers all decide to send each other attachments.

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membership required

This plugin looks like it will do exactly what I need.

Being very new to Frontier I might not have installed it properly.
I dropped it in Frontier->Guest Databases->apps and double-clicked it.

It can now be enabled via the Manila plugin interface.

When I go to submit “membership required” I get the error

“Sorry! There was an error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “Support” hasn’t been defined.
The error was detected by Frontier 7.0.1 in mainResponder.respond. Webmaster: gchaple@cintraworks.co.uk. Time: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:11:52 GMT. ”

I have done anything obviously wrong?

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Human Nature

At the local convenience store, there are two places where there is any evidence that the owners have had trouble with shoplifting. The first is a sign at the door, stating to check large bags. That’s doesn’t worry me.

The other is a sign, on the top shelf in the middle of a row, in front of the pop-tarts, saying that shoplifters will be prosecuted.

Why pop-tarts? Is there some pop-tart theft ring operating in Seattle? Or are thieves sugar junkies?

Then again, this store does have harmonized prices for their soda, 1 liter bottles are the same price as 2 liters.

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Digital vs Analog

Say you’re going on a vacation to a very photogenic tropical island. You have the choice of taking a APS film camera or a Digital camera. Assuming that you have to take all your supplies down with you, i.e. no film down there, no internet cafe with compact flash readers and a fast connection, Which is cheaper per image, flash or film?

Well, since I’m bringing it up, you might guess that it’s not film. You might also guess that this is not an idle question.

Aps is about 80 cents an exposure when you factor in developing costs. Compact flash is about 70 cents a meg (for 128 meg cards), which is about 2 pictures at the good quality 2.1 megapixel setting.

Look at that again. Aps film + developing costs about 2x as much as compact flash per image, for one time use.

Next Lesson, look at the price to store you average music cd uncompressed on a hard drive. Prices now are roughly $2.50 per gig (80 gig for $200), and music cds are typically 500 megs. So, $1.25 per cd uncompressed. Factor of 10 for compression.

Analog is losing. Game is nearly over.

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Look Sis, No Wires…

It’s been a good day.

A major functional and workflow change to my work app took 30 or 40 lines of code to implement the backend core functionality. Of course, it was 40 well placed lines of code. The interface still needs a complete rewrite to explain and exploit all of the cool new functionality. Pluggable tools are a good thing. I really dig being able to look at a problem and solve it with a minimum of code bloat.

My unix boxes took a hammering and kept on going without missing a beat. Including saving a copy of 1.5 gigs of data in one image of Frontier/OSX, while serving this website off of another frontier image on the same machine. This site survived.

I picked up an airport card and base station on the way home. It worked the first time. So now I’m surfing and writing the web from a comfy chair and iBook on the porch. No wires, No Problem. This is the way laptops are supposed to work.

Night is slowly falling, the clouds are turning pink; the sky deep blue.

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When good Squirrels go bad

“Squirrel Attacks”

Picture from Lauri Miller’s site.

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Fight Party

The first rule about fight party is that no one understands fight party.
The second rule of fight party is that really no one understands fight party.

“Fight Party Pictures –>”

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Then again…

Perhaps that is what cats are doing all the time.

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Contemplate the Sky

Pike Place Market, a little after 3pm. In the southen sky.

Something's in the air at Pike Place Market

A few people knew what they were looking at. 10 people or so.

There's still something in the air at pike place market.

Many tourists didn’t. I wonder if people would have understood if there was a hat to pass around?

Some people are looking for the meaning of it all.

When in the southern sky, appeared nothing. Blue sky. No birds, no planes, no blimps. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find nothing to look at when we are surrounded by so many somethings.

Sometimes blue sky is the most amazing thing of all.

Some heard that they were looking at nothing, but looked anyway. Some required others to tell them what they could see if they looked. Others moved on to look at the next scheduled scenic photo opportunity. In nothing, there was stilllness in the activity of the market. In nothing, there was a deep blue sky. In nothing, there was peace.

In nothing there was something.

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