M’s Win

Thanks to the wonder of spare corporate tickets from Rose’s office, I got to see the Mariners beat up on the Red Sox (and the fans bleat on the umpire).

Postcards of a cloudy sky.

The Mariners got out to an early lead, nearly making it 3-0 in the second when the home plate ump made a questionable call on a tag. He called out, the crowd bleated boos on him for the next inning or so and sporadically thoughout the night.

The Red Sox caught up in the 6th and made it 4 all. Then the Mariners got a shot, one on, the Sox missed the first half of a double play at second, then mishandled a grounder to short to load the bases. Ichiro came up to the plate, fowled off 5 or 6 pitches (even one into the upper deck) and then belted one to right.

All of a suddden, it’s 8-4.

And then the Sox load the bases and get one walked in. At least they were nice enough to reciprocate in the bottom half of the inning.

View from the corporate seats

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