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All over but the thank-yous

Wedding flowers at night, after the hoopla
After all of the family leaves, all of the leftovers eaten, all of the cats asleep. Nothing left to do but breathe for a bit.

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It has started…

Wave 1 has arrived, brothers, sisters, parents, one wee nephew. Everyone safe and only a little flustered by the war perperations. SeaTac had much more intrusive security last night than the night before.

Wave 2 is caught behind a terrorist snow storm. Delayed for 6 hours, rerouting through St Louis instead of Denver. I hope they make it without too much more trouble.

Wave 3 arrives tonight.

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Another pretty face

Cat in a box- closeup.
I have this vision for a cat hotel along the lines of the famous Tokyo locker hotels. Small cardboard boxes, sized from shoebox singles to office paper suites, arranged in rows on bookshelves.

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Tibook Flakiness

14 months into this machine’s life and I’ve got the first worrisome (possibly) hardware issue. When viewing a site with lots of animated gifs (cnn, msnbc, yahoo) the whole screen jumps at odd times like someone bumped a bad video cable on a CRT causing the display to resync. Which is very disturbing if you’re using an LCD. It’s not just a window, it’s the whole screen.

It’s possible that it’s software, since it only seems to happen at commercial sites, and it’s much more common in Camino (seen 30-40 times) than in Safari (seen once). It’s also possible that it’s something else directly hitting video, like X or iTunes, or some other reasonably privleged program.

I guess I’ll be finding out how good applecare is.

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Cactus in flower

Can you tell that I just replaced the battery in my camera? Expect more photos soon.

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The first wedding gifts arrived via UPS yesterday. We love the gifts, and the cats love the boxes.

Cats in wedding present boxes

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Wedding planning

Popping up for a moment. One week to go. Most everything is lined up. We have a hall and a caterer, an officiant and a band, flowers and a cake, tuxes and dresses. Now it’s just the little details. And people. 30 Friends and family flying in next week.

Somehow all the details will fade into one experience and we’ll wonder if anyone noticed decisions that took hours to decide upon. But until then, we can sweat the details.

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