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LeMay Open House

Today we went to the once a year LeMay Museum Open House, where they display a large portion of their extensive collection of historic cars. It’s a little overwhelming to see cars and trucks packed in with only inches between them. Most of the pictures I took were detail shots to cut through the clutter. The profusion of hood ornaments caught my eye.

I enjoyed the progression of Packards through the 40’s, and the Cadilliac barn ending with a 57, 58, and 59. Really too much to mention. I was amused by a Porsche 917 in purple metal flake and a street interior.

Packard, from 42 or so
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Pictures from Chicago

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Chicago to see a bunch of babies that are all about Ben’s age. I have a ton of baby pictures (that I’m probably not going to be sharing) from the trip, and a few other ones that I’m going to share.

Navy Pier

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Harley, with chrome.

More Chrome

Pike and pine intersect…

Public Market
Near here

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More flying things

As anyone in town has heard, the Blue Angels did some performances over the weekend. In the 10 years since I’ve been in Seattle, I’ve never been out to the lake to see the actual show. I’ve always been content to see the glimpses of the planes circling back around which ever hill I was on that particular day. But this weekend, there were visitors, so it was a good excuse to do some touristy stuff for a change.

Blue Angles, incoming

All of these were shot from Lake Washington Blvd with a 50mm lens. (50mm is a very mild telephoto on the digital rebel, generally I use it for all of the baby shots you see here.) Several times, there were direct flyovers of our location, maybe a couple hundred feet up. It was a little loud.

Blue Angles, receeding

Ben was interested, not really scared, but a bit jumpy when they went overhead.


And one nature shot, because it was there.


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