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So, 11 years into my life in Seattle, I run into one of the drawbacks of actually living near people. 4am, a ring at the door, and the policeman tells me that my car’s been broken into.
Broken Window

But but not so much broken into as simply battered, as they didn’t appear to have tried to get into the car, and nothing was taken. It just looks like a right hander took a swing with a bat, and connected with the window and the a-pillar.
A-Pillar Dent

The impact sent some glass all the way into the front passenger seat and lots of glass into Ben’s car seat and onto his stroller.

But enough of the documentary shots, there were some cool effects to be had with the light and broken glass.
Broken Window

Macro of shattered glass

Macro of shattered glass


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People from Northern Voice

You still taking a picture

Nancy White
Nancy does a quite animated presentation.

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I'll meet you beside the railroad tracks

Blue Boat and the mountains, wider this time

Two pictures of Vancouver, shot within minutes, on opposite ends of the saturation spectrum, at least in quantity. What little moss there is is nicely saturated. The Blue is courtesy of a polarizing filter. Does wonders when shooting away from the sun at midday.

Looking down

This one is a nice long exposure, looking down from the 29th floor.

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Sunset, Vancouver

Sunset over the harbor

Sunset over the harbor

The first one there horribly blew out the red channel, which is visible as solid yellow. The drawbacks of a camera that doesn’t show individual channel histograms.

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Vancouver at night

These are from the 29th floor balcony, using 15-30 second exposures. It’s times like these that I wish I had medium or large format camera for that extra boost of resolution. Because these would look good blown up to the size of a sliding glass door.

When I first went out, the sky looked clear and black, but after 10 minutes or so, I could see a little light pollution towards the horizon. Either way, the air felt crystal clear when looking at the lights of the city.

Vancouver Night

I really like the matrix like effect of the reflected windows in the tall building here.

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With a hoodie

With my hat

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Looking up

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Flashing a Linksys WRT54GL with OpenWRT

In the same vein as this post the directions on the OpenWRT site for flashing a Linksys WRT54GL aren’t quite as clear as they should be.
I’m using the OpenWRT White Russian RC4 image for the WRTG54 routers.

Download the image

  1. Download the image.
  2. Install through the web interface using Administration ->Firmware Upgrade page.
  3. When you get redirected to a 404 page, go to

Note that there’s no need to enable boot_wait, do tftp, ping, or any of that.

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Boy with hat

Ben in a hat

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High Water, with waves

Getting up close and personal with high tide and high winds. These large bits of driftwood were pretty much to the parking lot, some of the waves were getting over the curb and draining away from the sound.
Waves on the beach

This sign appears to have been hit pretty hard by waves.
Folded Sign

Closer than I wanted to get.
Waves, up close

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