We’re pretty sure that the answer isn’t Bertrand Russel.

Or Ernest Hemmingway.

But 2 teams put that down for “Who are Bert and Ernie named after”

Vermont seems to be a safe bet for anything having to do with a state. And I’m embarassed to admit that of the 4 longest bridges in the world built after the Verrazano Narrows, I only got the country right for 2, and didn’t get any of the bridges. (Although in further research, I did know the expressway that goes over the one in Japan, and there is a 5th bridge that didn’t make the answers. Not that I knew that one either.) But I did know that they crashed more cars in The Blues Brothers than in any other movie.

But in the last round of the night somehow my team came up with a winning combination of knowing something about e-bay, the relative abundance of blood types, and the masonic symbol.

So I guess being a repository of useless information can be useful sometimes.

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