Quick Scripts

Note: this stuff is old.

A collection of scripts and other interesting things that could be useful for people making frontier websites. The mailserver is on hiatus for a while, till I get a releasable version again.

  • “Frontier-TOC”: Merged into the Userland Frontier codebase.
  • “PicsPicker”: Some image management stuff for Manila.
  • “Esoteric Settings”: Mainresponder settings, exposed for Manila
  • “Patch Tool”: the basis for being able to stick Frontier odb items into source control. Probably superceeded by cvs integration (see frontierkernel.sourceforge.org).
  • “JSP Proxy Responder” A Frontier responder to proxy incoming requests to another server.
  • Radio Userland Remote Player Xml-rpc interfaces on the a linux box and the drivers in RU to Store, Stream and Play mp3s.
  • “Imagemagick Thumbnail Script.” A perl script to run imagemagick on the command line to produce thumbnails and meduim sized images. You need perl, imagemagick and a machine with a command line. (i.e., NT, linux, or probably Mac OsX)
  • “XML-RPC via SMTP” / pop. This is a minor extension of xml-rpc to work over an email connection.
  • “EmailThisPage” script to email a copy of the page to someone who may be interested. Note that Userland now includes similar functionality in Manila.
  • “Notify me” script to notify me when someone replies to a posting of mine in the discussion group.
  • Version of “prefsSuite.drawNavigator” that allows for templates for the links.
  • Perl/NT “Keep it Up” script. Queries frontier every minute to make sure that it’s answering queries
  • “Thread View” for the discussion group. – From any message in a thread, I want to be able to see the relation to all of the other messages in the thread.
  • “DrawCalendar” This is a drop in replacement for the main responder calendar script. It provides a single non-table calendar that shows one week back and ahead in individual days, And links to Next/Last week, month, and year. I like it better than the original calendar for cases where I just want to see relative dates and when I might be accessing the page through lynx, a textmode browser. That and it’s just different.
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