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Attached to this message is the config.mainresponder.callbacks.addMessage.emailReplies script. Large portions of this script were snagged from manilaSuite.callbacks.newStoryCallback. This script requires mainresponder and probably frontier 6.1, as there were a lot of main responder callbacks added at that stage.

This script emails posters when someone replies to their message in the discussion group, so long as they have enabled dgNotify.replies in the preferences panel. You can turn this on for your account on this server by visiting prefs, and setting “Recieve email copies of replies to your posts?” to true.

For other manila webmasters, here is a sample item in the preferences panel:

    <item title="Recieve email copies of replies to your posts?"
          type="boolean" adr="dgNotify.replies" 
      <popuptext>You can choose to receive notification of replies
          to messages you post on this site.  You can turn this
          feature on and off easily, right here on this 

It will not mail you if you are the poster replying to your own post.

If you are using my “mailserver”, it will use a threaded mail sending routine; if not, it will use tcp.sendmail.

Please report any issues in reply to this message.


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  1. Commenter December 9th, 1999 10:13 am

    Eric, thanks for taking the lead here. And it’s nice to be posting on a DG that isn’t on a UserLand server! I like that feeling.

    One comment, I’d prefer if you start a new table in the member record for this, rather than use the bulletins table. This is really a different function, not really bulletins. It’s really “DG Notification” or for short dgNotify. It should probably be a table of booleans, one for each DG you belong to. I like creating tables as opposed to scalars because it leaves more room for growth.

    Anyway, thanks again for showing leadership. It’s a long-standing problem, and given your investment in Frontier email it makes sense that it came from you.

    Keep on truckin!

  2. Commenter December 9th, 1999 10:28 am

    Thanks for noticing it. I love the timing. Post on discuss. Wait 5 minutes. See a couple of hits from the dg message. See a hit from the news.userland.com page. Check news.userland.com, and I’m near the top.

    As seems to be the case with most useful software, I wrote this because it solved a problem that I was having. I wanted to keep track of discussions without getting deluged by postings that I had made myself.

    One comment, I’d prefer if you start a new table in the member record for this, rather than use the bulletins table.

    I’ll change the pref name, that’s a quickie.

    A preview of things to come … setting up the reply address and the proper headers for replies to the email message to come back into the discussion group with the correct threading. So that a conversation could occur through the discussion group without ever really hitting the site.


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