I love My Miata

Dave loves his Qube. I love my Miata.

They’re not that different. Dave saw a qube and wanted it. I drove a Miata.

Qubes are small machines that do a few things well. They are the reliability of a linux box and the interface that Apple would use. They do just about anything you’d need, except for big iron type of things.

Miatas are small cars that do a couple of things really well. They have the reliablilty of a Japanese car and the emotional appeal of a British sports car. It works for most of your daily driving, unless you need to haul large things about.

Qubes come in one really bright color. Miatas come (or have come) in your choice of colors, incluing bright red, yellow and blue.

They are both classics, although I hazard a guess that the Miata isn’t going to suffer fron Moore’s law quite like the qube does.

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