Just got back from a little walk about Ballard. I would have been out later but the concert I was going to is tomorrow night.

Parts of the city are beautiful in the late evening. Little flower gardens tended by grandmothers. Little kids riding scooters. The occasionial dog on a walk. The ivy taking over Brent’s fence.

Sunsets in seattle are something else. It must be the combination of the mountains, a little dramatic coud cover, and the green glow from downtown. I don’t know why, but the east coast never had this feeling of long drawn out days slipping into night. The look of a continous fade from Cyanish (00ffff) to a blue that is nearly black (000010). Not exactly a websafe palate.

I was also struck by the remains of the Ballard building that burned a few months ago. Now there are steel braces stabilizing the remains of the 100 year old brick facade, but no windows or roof. Yet one of the second floor apartments still had an intact clock visible on the walls. It’s kind of eerie realizing that you are looking into what was someone’s home 3 months ago, but they haven’t been able to get back in in that time. It’s been preserved in the post fire destruction state for this time. It’ll be gone soon.

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