I’ve determined that there are two purposes for gardens:

  1. To feed the squirrels
  2. To feed the neighbors

In the front strawberry patch, we’re running 5 to 5. I’ve gotten 5 somewhat small reasonably ripe berries, and the squirrels have gotten 5 big plump berries, 3 of them 1 day before picking. Mind you, this is from 20 plants. (There was a bit of a watering drout in the early summer, so the first crop … sucked)

In the back 40, there are 6 tomato plants, 1 surviving zucchini, 3 mature basil plants, and a bunch of little basil, and oregano plants. The tomatoes are going nuts producing green tomatoes. The basil is tasty. And the zucchini is flowering. I’m going on vacation in the second half of august. So far, I have harvested basil. I have visions of all the tomatoes ripening while I’m gone.

Oh well, at least I had fun inflicting extreme violence on the weeds.

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