24 Hours

With a sun setting behind the winter grey clouds, so ends the 24 hours in the life. Sunday during the day to monday at sundown. Ok 28 hours, but I napped and slept for a bunch of it.

Sunday was leisure, Monday frustration. 3 System reinstalls chasing down a crashing bug that reliably hoses my development system, till I realize that I can debug while booted off the system install CD. And that it’s really hard to corrupt a CD. (now where is that os x beta cd?) Made me want to apply The Cluestick. You’ll see.

In a happier note, I heard NPR’s Top 100 for the week, Jimi’s Purple Haze. Hendrix’s work has always amazed me, so I did the only thing I could. I put on the audiophile vinyl version of ‘axis bold as love’ and cranked it. So it doesn’t have Purple Haze on it. It has Little Wing and Bold as Love.

Scanning through the top 100 list I’m actually sort of surprised at how many of the songs I know well enough to sing a few lines. I do have a knowlege of the highlights of jazz, and a bit of showtunes, but I wouldn’t call my cultural grounding deep.

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