Three worlds

Got OsX beta today. Fedex express, it only shipped on the 15th. Woohoo.

3worlds-tm: Three worlds, Ancient, Macos, MacosXSo, I installed it on the one non critical machine at work — the iBook. Helpfully enough, the iBook can come home with me, so I can be a geek 18 hours a day. The install went like a dream, except that under DHCP, classic can’t find the network. And I can’t get to my linux/Netatalk file shares. With manual network configuration, everything works swimmingly, if not a little slowly.

Except that I can’t figure out how to make Radio Userland know where the history.xml file really is. File.exists(“frontier:frontier”) works, file.exists(“frontier:radio userland”) fails. (both exist, same permissions) Oh well, turning off the playlist thread means that I can use RU to update wiredfool. And listen to music. (soundtrack – Jason Webley. Yeah, I’m listening to him a lot now.)

The one thing that drives me completely nuts is the use of antialiased fonts. They look like utter CRAP on an active matrix screen. That screenshot will look beautiful on a crt; but when you see the really variable type visual density and the munged letter shapes, you will cringe. It honestly looks like I’ve got an lcd screen that I’m running at the wrong resolution. This lcd is so sharp that I see corners on the pixels. It looks best with classic, original mac fonts that were hand hinted for low res screen display. New York. Monaco. Chicago. (Charcoal) the character o nearly dissappears when useed in 12 point Ney York, antialiased, when at 10 point aliased, it’s clearly legible.

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