Fall is the time for harvest, even amongst urban farmers. Portions of the garden yielded a bountiful harvest this year: a dish drainer full of roma tomatoes from two half dead spindly little plants, a 12 cup dish of cherry tomatoes from two monstrous cherry tomato plants, a pound of pesto from the basil plants that I haven’t given away, and a zucchini. All this at the beginning of October.

I’m amazed at what comes from the earth when you provide minimal care, water occasionally and pick the fruit. The cherry tomatoes taste as if they are liquid sugar, just this side of candy. Harvesting them is a reminder that some tomato plants are just mildly domesticated; ready to take over the garden if you ignore them too long. The roma tomatoes aren’t quite as good, but still a far spot better than anything in the market. And they make excellent pasta sauce, when combined with a branch or two of basil.

There really is the smell of fall in the air. Slightly damp musty leaves, not quite red yet. Cold nights and warm days. The return of the rains.

Enough to make me want the hearty breads, soups, wines and dinners of the darker months. Summer is the time of Pinot Gris with Salmon from the grill, Winter is the time of Cabernet Sauvignon, a wheat peasant bread and sauces simmered for hours. Things cooking that take all day, so that they fill the house with the aroma.

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  1. Commenter October 2nd, 2000 10:24 pm

    Preach it, baby! Amen!

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