Remote Player Release


  Remote Player Release

What it is

  A pair of packages, one for Radio Userland, one for Linux/perl that let me control my music at home from my mac. All stored in one location on a machine that has lots of drive space and a good mp3 player, but really bad playlist support.
  This is version 0.91 alpha, there are some things that I definitely want to change about the playing and storage architecture on the usertalk side of things before it’s final.

This package provides 2 components:

  1) Scripts for retrieving id3 and m3u information from playlists and mp3’s hosted on remote computers, using an xml=rpc communications channel. This requires the remote playlist cgis installed on the remote machine.
  2) Driver scripts for using an xml-rpc communications channel to play mp3s on a remote computer using XMMS.
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