Fall as a time for redemption?

It feels like the end of a long extravagant summer. A time to ask for redemption of the excesses of light and energy. Time to face that the world is not always beautiful and perfect. And often times I’m not the one making it any better. The cold and wet and the falling leaves make me feel like an end is near enough that I should worry about it.

So I walk in the fall. At night, when the mist is falling. Or at night when the moon is out. There’s a stillness to the neighborhoods of the city when the sun goes down. A little wind, the odd cat, the neighbors walking dogs. Perhaps the peace of the city at night can help the mind work some things out.

The attraction of the mist started this time 5 years ago, a couple of months into living in this city. I remember November the most. Walking Greenlake in the mist,with a latte in hand, feeling the emptyness of a park in the yellow sodium light. Feeling that the cold moist of the night was better than the wet rain of the day. Seeing and hearing all of the smaller world curtained by the dark.

It’s either that or get out the gore tex, and fight the rain. So long as I have chemistry on my side, I shall prevail. Gore Tex, Coffee, Sugar, Beer. Ahhh, the medications of the Seattlite.

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