Webley Photo Archive

James eating a beet. With the beet juice dribbling down his chin. In this pic, I think he’s using beet juice to color a drawing that he’s doing. Can you feel the Beet?
A stunningly beautiful woman at the concert. Sort of goth, sort of funeral.
The percussionist, who’s name I don’t remember. He’s playing a snare drum, the upright piano frame, a cd rack, some metal thing that bongs, a gong, and a cymbal. With brushes.
Jason’s Back.
Jason, with Accordion. Waiting for the other musicians to come on stage.
Dancing to Thriller.
Yes, Thriller. Michael Jackson and Vincent Price Thriller. Played on Bass, Accordion, and persussion.
Music that Tears itself apart.
Some of the assorted freaks, clowns, and veggies at the concert.
People Swaying to Goodbye Forever, Once again. And the drinking song, he kept jumping between them.
The Tomato goddess apears in the back of a bar.
The Tomato Goddess, on the ave on the way to campus. Ambient light.
Another shot, this time with flash.
The Sylvan Theater. Jason is the one with the light. I must mention, from this point on, everything is shot without flash at night, so I had to do a little photoshop magic to make them come out at all. I’m not quite up to speed on how to make my camera take good pics with nearly no light.
The tomato Goddess enters the back of the theater.
At the front now. This is really eerie lighting. There’s a bit of light from the nearby security lights, but it’s pretty dark.
The shadow of a single flashlight falls on the trees behind the goddess.
Something is nearly happening.
Note the shadow of the scissors.
The flames are nearly out.
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