Politics Free Zone

wierd plantI’m in a politics free zone today. All I can say is that the truth is stranger than fiction.
Which brings me to this little plant. That photo is really how it looks. This thing has been on the rail of my balcony since last spring. It nearly died this summer, turning greyish brown and generally looking unhappy. Now the cold rains have come, and it thinks it’s time to turn yellow.

With the maple in the background bright red and dramatic lighting in the morning and evenings, this is a beautiful time in Seattle. Friday morning as I woke up, the front of my house was filled with golden light shining through the red leaves filling my house with an unearthly glow. I tried to get a picture of the glow on the wall, but it just didn’t come out right.

This morning, I woke up briefly to see the shadow of Mt Ranier against a clear sky of orange and pink. Of course, seeing as it’s Saturday, I promptly went back to sleep. At least the sunrise is at a reasonable hour.

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