2 flights, minor delays and 2 train rides later, I’m home. Only 12 hours of traveling to get across the country.

Including the most pleasant completely full redeye I’ve ever had. I was on a united airbus plane, and I had LEGROOM, enough that my knees never hit the seat in front of me. And I’m 6’5″. A good movie on the plane (toy story 2) meant that I didn’t have to break out the iBook dv and play from my own supply. I even caught some more jokes that I hadn’t seen before, including that Xarcon’s nerf gun goes to 11.

So now the whole family has assembled for christmas, some from seattle, one from boston, and the rest hosting in Virginia. For me, this is christmas; traditional food, some gifts, old friends, and the whole family.

Merry Christmas!

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