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So I’m playing with some new toys. I now have a mailing list archiver that’s completely seperate from Frontier, apart from writing the UI as static php files from Radio Userland. It’s a learning experience; teaching me some of the things that I really like about the frontier/mainresponder envrionment. But I think I’m getting performance out of this 500 mhz k6-2/linux box that I can’t get out of frontier on my current platform. 6000 messages inserted and indexed in 1/2 hour, without maxing the processor. Transactions. SQL. A smtp front end that is a little less tempermental than the one that I wrote in frontier.

The basic architecture is qmail -> perl script -> PostgreSql database -> apache/php scripts for rendering. I’m getting rss feeds out of it. There’s a public web interface. There’s a search engine that is probably going to be at the core of some future work.

Urls are (for now anyway, I may make them shorter soon) html and rss.

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