Nostalgia …

… or delayed gratification.

Technology is a wonderful thing. A month ago, I was poking around the net looking for CDs from a singing group (Cayuga’s Waiters) at Cornell (my alma mater). One of their songs has been stuck in my head, and listening to the tape in the car just wasn’t cutting it. Turns out that they have a webpage, they have rereleases of their albums. A credit card number later, and the 2 albums from my time on the hill are on their way.

Almost. Apparently e-commerce goes home for winter break. But yesterday the cds arrived, fresh off of the cd burner and the inkjet printer.

It’s neat that a decent personal computer can make it economically feasible to produce these cds. They don’t need to go to a production house, they don’t need inventory. So if one alumni a month wants them, it’s still a profit center. Of course, it would have been really cool if I could have sent them a cc# and have them give me access to 150 megs of mp3s.

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