Flakey Hardware Resolution

Apparently it was memory. Amazing how $40 of hardware can cause so much wasted time. But after all of that, it only cost time, since the hardware was under warranty. Only cost time…

So I’m back to having a linux desktop with a big monitor, but I have to set up all of the programs again. RH 6.2 on a drive controller that it doesn’t support, Ximian Gnome, X86 4.0, basically a bunch of stuff that I have to download. It looks like I downloaded about 250 megs of stuff yesterday, after installing off of a cd. I’m glad that most of the download volume is from automated setup systems like Ximian’s red carpet updater. In another day or so I should have all of my web services back up.

In a fit of who knows what, I tried to install Os X on my development workstation on friday. It’s a g4, it’s running 9.0.4. It was easy to install, but the classic mode only works with 9.1, and I’m not willing to change my main install. Three os installs later, and a bit of messing about with pdisk from the command line, each os (9.04, 9.1 and X) work on its own, but none of the 9.x version work in classic.

At least I didn’t wreck my main install.

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