How to setup a Linux Box to my specs.

A how to on how to duplicate my RH 6.2 config on a machine with the main drive on a promise udma card. Do this behind a firewall untill step 14. These are also my notes on how to get back to where I am now.

1) boot Rh installer, go into text mode. At country prompt, hit alt-f2 to get to the other virtual console.

2) cat /proc/pci, look for the promise card entry. Grab the first two io addresses, (in this case 0xb400 and 0xb000), for the append lines for your kernel.

3) reboot, at lilo use: text ide2=0xb400,0xb002 to use the promise card in basic ide mode.

4) format and install, use 20 mb for /boot, 3 gig each for /,/usr,/var, the rest for /home. 128 megs for swap. MAke sure to install gnome.

5) at the kernel params mode, make sure the ide2= line is entered

6) reboot. now to download a bunch of stuff. Latest 2.2 kernel (http://www.kernel.org) , ide patch (http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/hedrick/), reiserfs patch (look at http://www.reiserfs.org), reiserfs tools (source). Make sure that the reiserfs tools version matches the patch version. i.e. on 2.2, you need the 3.5 version of the tools. Download Ximian gnome (http://www.ximian.com) using their go-gnome script.

7) patch and build the kernel, make sure to get all the fs and net modules made. install. Run lilo

8) download latest XFree86 4.0 from the sourceforge mirror. Use ftp/ncftp to get the entire linux-86-glibc21 directory.

9) reboot, use new kernel. check the hdparm settings.

10) install X from the Xinstall.sh script. run xf86config. Set up the monitor, use 1280×1024 at high refresh, 24 bpp. Use the intellimouse protocol for now. Edit the config file (/etc/X/XF86Config) for the ms Explorer mouse. This is the 7 button optical mouse. The following settings will give you wheel action in everything but Netscape. In the section for the mouse:

    Option "Protocol"    "ExplorerPS/2"
    Option "Buttons"	"7"
    Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

11) startx. Or start gdm. Things should work. Set it to one workspace.

12) Download latest stable mozilla (http://mozilla.org) binary, source for: apache (http://apache.org), php (http://php.net), openssl (http://www.openssl.org), openssh (http://www.openssl.com), postgres(from sourceforge mirror, in .tar.gz, or find the rpm to get the right startup scripts.) Qmail

13) run the Ximian Updater, choose the redcarpet mirror, and update. Run the red carpet updater, subscribe to the RH 6.2 channel, the ximian gnome channel, and the red carpet channel Get everything, but most importantly the redhat security upgrades.

14) remove everything from /etc/inetd.conf. Edit /etchosts.allow to allow everything from local networks. Edit /etc/hosts.deny to ALL: ALL. Kill sendmail and remove from the /etc/rc/* directories, as with lpd, linuxconf. You can go live on the net now.

15) make openssl, make openssh: Change the prefix from /usr/local to /usr in the Makefile. Change the config directory to /etc. configure it –with-pam to use the pluggable authentication manager. symlink /etc/pam.d/sshd to /etc/pam.d/login. insert /usr/sbin/sshd into /etc/rc.d/rc.local

16) unpack mozilla, get beer, websurf for a while. Configure gaim for my aim accounts. add bookmarks to mozilla. download crossfade plugin for xmms, configure xmms for a small download buffer, point at my mp3s and start playing music. stereo is plugged into middle black connector on sound card.

17) Configure apache with

./configure --with-layout=RedHat --enable-module=vhost_alias --enable-module=so

Configure php with

./configure --without-mysql --with-pgsql=/usr/lib/pgsql --with-apxs

Grab the httpd.conf file from before. Add .root to the application/octet-stream mime types. If building pgsql from source, specify –prefix=/usr Apparently php doesn’t pay attention to the pglib path correctly.

18) install sudo. make sure that I’m in the sudoers file.

19) install and configure qmail. painful manual process. Make the users, change to default to maildir form, grab the virtual domain configuration from the original machine.

20) do the filesystem shuffle with reiserfs. either edit /etc/rc.drc.sysinit to not fsck the / partition or touch /fastboot when you make the / partition reiserfs.

21) ponder 300 meg for /boot and / instead of 20 megs and 3 gig.

22) Update perl. perl -MCPAN -e shell; Update by install Bindle::CPAN, also need Bundle::DBI, the DBD::Pg module for postgres, need to set the pglibrary path and build manually. MIME::Tools for parsing.

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