Hardware Post Mortem

So the machine is almost back up.

The problem with having flakey hardware is that you’re never sure that what’s on disk is actually correct. So those wonderful databases that nominally pass the acid test only do so when their writes are actually committed to disk properly. I may have lost most of the content that I had built up in the database. It’s not critical, since it’s been mostly a learning experience. But it’s annoying.

And the real cost of the hardware is not the dollars for the goods, it’s the time setting it up properly. I’ve got an in progress page detailing the steps that I’m taking to bring the machine back up. This keeps reminding me of my theory, that it’s almost never cost effective to upgrade. Either that or just figure out that everything costs twice as much as the hardware.
Part of the reason that it’s taking so long to put this back is that I’ve been analog on the weekends. Friday I went out to dinner at a new little local place, then went to the opening of the Seattle Rhythm Festival. Saturday I wound up 30 miles out of town on my bike in rural King County, on roads that I haven’t been on in a few years. I kept getting shocks of recognition of little stretches of road, balanced by the confusion of seeing development out in these rural lands. Half million dollar houses out in farm country.

And I just know that the inhabitants of these houses are commuting to Bellevue every day.

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