JSP Proxy Responder

This is a responder that traps any page request ending in .jsp and proxies that request to another server.

This responder does two things to the request before it forwards it to the destination server. First, it replaces the Host header with an admin configurable value. This allows you to proxy multiple virtual domains to one configurable virtual domain on the .jsp server. It also rewrites the Connection header to make sure that the connection is closed after the request.


Download the fttb file. If it comes down as a text file in the browser, simply save as source.


Download, then open the file from within Frontier or Radio Userland. It will ask you where to install the table, it needs to be at user.webserver.responders.jspProxy.


Set the value at user.webserver.responder.jspProxy.requestHost to the desired host for the request. Set requestIp and requestPort to the ip address and port that your jsp server is listening to.

If you wish to proxy other types of requests, simply change the condition to one matching what you wish to proxy. (e.g., endsWith “.asp”, contains “servlet”). Just be aware that this responder catches requests before mainresponder does, so that if you map something like /discuss, you will hose a lot of functionality on your machine.

If the above two paragraphs are greek to you, either I’m not writing clearly or this software isn’t for you.

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