Policy Routing Anyone?

Can anyone out there help me with policy routing and proxy arp on a linux 2.2 or 2.4 kernel?

What I want:

Net 1 ->    | router  | Link 1
Net 2 ->    |         | Link 2
Private Net ^

Internally, I want to route all of them as peers. To the outside world, I want to route packets from net 1 to link 1, and packets from net 2 ( and masqed private net) to link 2.

Additionally I need to proxy arp on link 1, due to the way that that connection works. I’ve gotten that to work on a 2.0 kernel, but we’re in a new world here, since 2.0 kernels don’t do policy routing.

My problem: Basically everything gets foobared when I add a rule to route based on source:

ip rule add src Net1 table Link1
ip route add default gw Link1 table Link1

Any pointers are appreciated.

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