Successful Software Development

  • Make your CEO use product on a daily basis. If not your CEO, then the person doing the resource allocation in the company. If that person doesn’t know where the product doesn’t make sense to the user, you will be adding features where you should be streamlining the interface.
  • Make the lead developer use the ‘Nearly Raw’ (one step above the raw check-in feed) version of the software on a daily basis. Especially if the software has expanded so that it sends and recieves email. Bugs get fixed faster this way. Features also get written at midnight on weekends when the itch hits.
  • Make the developer write the first draft of the documentation. Have the best example of your target user in the company translate that document to English.
  • Get your mother/little sister/non technical relation to use the software. You need feedback from people who aren’t bitheads who will still love you when you tell them that they don’t appreciate your baby^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H the software.
  • Whiteboards. Lots of whiteboards.
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