Another Analog Weekend

Decompression is important. So I’m trying to get out into the big blue room for a couple of days a week to maintain sanity.

Of course, depending on what I’m doing, a computer may make more sense. Saturday night was a beach burn at Golden Gardens, with an assembled crowd of fremont style artists and pyros. The cirque d’ flambe people were there in force, with all sorts of things that burned. Fire Eating. Dancers with finger flames. Dancers with flames in the palm of their hands. Flaming swords. Some form of flammible powder that burned in 30 foot flames when thrown in the air with a flaming shovel. There was a drum circle with tuba, and topless dancers (male and female) with cellphones. Don’t ask me why I noticed that.

There was cool energy, but no pics, since I was out of battery power. Oh well.

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