Gardening is more fun if you don’t have to do it.

I feel the pressing need to attack an infestation of fake morning glory vines, so that they don’t take over one side of my yard again this year. Last year, they managed to kill off a couple of bushes. This year, I’ve been pulling out vines by the trashcan full. 2 cans this week, a couple last week, and one or two earlier in the year.

From the experience in my garden last year, I may need to dig up the soil to about a foot and a half deep, and make sure that there are no pieces of vine root in that volume. I’m hoping that it’s not going to take that, since there’s a tree on that side of the house that I kind of like. (The rest of the bushes, St John’s Wort, and odd lily I don’t really care about.)

But on the bright side, it hasn’t jumped the sidewalk to my strawberry patch, and it’s mostly eradicated from the area around my garden. Now if those strawberries would just produce. (but I know that I have another couple of months to go)

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