About The PicsPicker Plugin

The PicsPicker plugin automates some of the image management tasks that I find to be time consuming on a manila site. Download from updates.wiredfool.com: .root or .sit

There are two main functions of the plugin:

Image Upload:
You can paste in multiple image urls to the text box and the server will fetch them and insert them as pictures in your manila site. I find this useful because I have a script that creates web accessible thumbnails from a folder of digital camera images. Just paste the urls and go. If you wish to edit the text or the image name later, you can edit the discussion group message.
Image Gallery:
The image gallery settings allow you to easily create an image gallery with a minimum of work. The templates for the image gallery and the next/previous macro are editable on a user by user basis. There is a Sample Gallery that shows the use and results of the imageGallery macro.
There are 3 macros that are used to make the image galleries:

  • picsPickerMacros.imageGallery(imageList, linkedImageList, border:2) – This macro uses the image gallery template to create a series of pages that display the image, the caption stored in the body of the discussion group message, and (optionally) the next previous links. The imageList is a space or comma seperated list of the image numbers in the discussion group. The linkedImageList is a list of image numbers for the full size versions of those images. (e.g. {
    picsPickerMacros.imageGallery(“10 12 14″,”11 13 15”)} ) The Linked Image List is optional.
  • picsPickerMacros.nextPrevLinks(count) – Produces next/previous links for the image gallery. Count is the number of pages. If the nextprev macro is included in the image gallery template, then count is determined automatically.
  • picsPickerMacros.randomImage(strImageList, metadataField=”numRandom”, border=0) – This macro will return an image link from the specified list of image numbers. If the numRandom field is included via metadata, then the specified number of random images will be added. If not, then one will be chosen from the list.

Put the downloaded database in your Frontier:Guest Databases:Apps folder and open it. Run the _fInstall script. You should be ready to go. Updates are served from updates.wiredfool.com, and will be noted on the updates page.
Known Issues:
It is unclear if the image gallery parts of this plugin will work with static rendering. It is also unclear if they will work with the static image serving. I will be investigating this further after the first release.

Fine Print:
There are no rpc handlers associated with this plugin. It was written using the prefs suite wizard framework for the user interface. The basic structure was created with the plugin factory. See the updates page for information on updates. This plugin is copyright © Eric Soroos, 2001 and released for use under the Gnu Public License. Released with the permission of Socialecology Inc.

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  1. Commenter May 11th, 2001 4:16 pm

    Put the downloaded database in your Frontier:Guest Databases:Apps folder and open it. Run the _fInstall script. You should be ready to go.

    When I run the _fInstall script, I get an error which reads “Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “databases” hasn’t been defined.” I am running Frontier 6.2.1 and the root is current as of today. Is there something else I should be doing? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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