PicsPicker Update

There’s an update in the root updates pipeline to fix the bug where the imageGallery and the next/prev links macros wouldn’t work in storyreader urls. There’s also an update for the template macros turning into html entities. Choose Main -> Update PicsPicker.root to get the update.

There was also an update on friday to deal with the installation issue where a table wasn’t found.

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  1. Commenter May 14th, 2001 4:13 pm

    Thanks! I updated just now, and that does clear up the problem of not working with a storyreader URL. However, it still doesn’t link to my next picture.

    I’ve also noted that when I try to use the {nextprev} macro, the brackets are converted into the ASCII equivalents:

    & # 123; nextprev & # 125;”

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