My Own Private Energy Crisis

It’s summer. I can tell because sometimes when I wake up, the air smells so sweet and the temperature is already climbing into the sixties. But I still only have the energy to park my widening butt in the driver’s seat to get to work. Unless it’s in the 70’s by 9am, I just don’t get past the excuses to bike to work.

Two years ago, I rode to work 3-4 days a week through the winter and summer. It was as fast as the bus, and more reliable.

Four years ago, I didn’t have a car and commuted to school every day on the bike – rain, snow and sunshine.

Now? 3 times this week, but maybe 6 times this year. And we’re having a drought. So there’s less rain than usual. At least I have a convertible so I get to enjoy it.

So bring on the gas crunch. Make me want to go a month between fillups. Fix all of the potholes in town. Make driving hell. Because It’ll be good for me.

Just don’t take away my covered parking space.

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