A night at the track

It’s track season again. So wednesday was my first track race of the season (and the second race). I’m one of the few cyclists whose season begins in June.

Sitting on the rail before the tempo

Three races as always, a 10 lap tempo, one lap chariots, and a 16 lap points race. The first race was ok untill there was a big jump a couple of laps in, at that point, I was just lapping with the other stragglers off the back of the pack.

starting to fall of the back of the tempo

The chariot was better. I didn’t quite get the jump I wanted, but I was standing and accelerating through the first 200m, and then cought the 4th place rider just before the line. But only the top three advanced. Oh well.

Off the back, during the tempo. My usulal state during track races.

The points race was similar. I was ok for one jump, fell off on the second, and never caught up again. I soloed for 12 of the 16 laps, and only got lapped at the end. If I could keep up with the jumps, I would have the strength to stay in the pack. But once I’m off, I can’t get back on.

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