Harbor Step Players

Sunday I went out and played drums for the Harbor Steps Guerilla Music Occurance. There were around 20 to 30 people there with instruments; drums, didgeridoo, guitar, horn, voice, violin and others. At the appointed hour, a whistle blew and there was a great cacophony. It took a few minutes to get a beat going and something resembling music. A few people danced, many people took pictures, some of whom didn’t appear to be part of the celebration.

After 20 minutes or so, two security guards came out, talked to a few people, and spontaneously, most of the music came to an finale. People sort of ambled off, and half of the group went a block south under the viaduct entry ramp where we amused tourists for a little while longer with an improv version of Stomp and a surprisingly coherent version of Lean on Me. Half an hour of that, and people dispersed again, fading into the crowds of tourists.

The Harbor Steps Players cast of characters.

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