A Møøse Bit My Sïster Once…

No Really.

The HOLY Grail played last night at the Egyptian, to an audience of mostly sober mostly single guys. The opening credits brought hails of laughter.

But it was a good print of a good story. 24 extra seconds, mercifully not added during the intermission. I’m amazed at how well the movie stands up to the current comedy competition. It is consistently funny from the opening credits to just before the final cut. Excepting parts of scene 24, and a few of Tim’s explosions. And the bit about the illustrator. But compared to your average Saturday Night Live cast movie, this deserves an Oscar.

The trailer is also a work of art. Several different voice over candidates (including a Gumby) finally settling on a Japanese voice saying (I can only assume based on the subtitles) That once in a long while a movie comes along that will change cinema. One such movie is ‘The Seven Samuri’, by Akiro Kirosawa.

Incidentially, I saw the trailer before Startup.com. Depending on your relationship to the dotcom thing, you may want to see it. If you and your therapist are still hashing over it, don’t. If you were on the outside or were an investor, see it.

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