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At the local convenience store, there are two places where there is any evidence that the owners have had trouble with shoplifting. The first is a sign at the door, stating to check large bags. That’s doesn’t worry me.

The other is a sign, on the top shelf in the middle of a row, in front of the pop-tarts, saying that shoplifters will be prosecuted.

Why pop-tarts? Is there some pop-tart theft ring operating in Seattle? Or are thieves sugar junkies?

Then again, this store does have harmonized prices for their soda, 1 liter bottles are the same price as 2 liters.

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  1. Commenter July 23rd, 2001 12:31 pm

    I can only assume we are talking about the same store here…

    This store also seems to have problems with their letter board out front. When Henry Weinards 6 packs were advertised, some imaginative person rearranged the letters to read: Hard Weiner 69 pack.

    See http://www.fowlerfamily.com/pics/hard_weiner_69_pack.jpg

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