Caffiene Saves

Local Coffee Store Owner Arrested

It appears that we have a war on the street outside my office. In the red corner, we have Coffee Messiah, a really quirky independent coffee shop containing such relics as a box of Popesicles, a Disco Hell bathroom, and enough sacrilege to damn an army. Oh yeah, and pretty good coffee.

In the green corner, we have Starbucks. Aggressively the same as all of the other Starbucks, this one features leather seats, cellphones, and an Airport network.

And in other news today…

Adding to the mix of insane mayoral candidates, a Capitol Hill feline is making a bid for the city’s highest office. Meow Meow King Friday, the furry resident of Coffee Messiah … “King Friday has seen that this city apparently wants a mayor who’s asleep on the job,” Opus says. “So he’s the right one for the job.”

Note that so far, we have mayoral candidates who: Insist that Kurt Cobain was murdered, Handled the WTO and Mardi Gras Riots, Assaulted the current mayor with a megaphone, Made it illegal to sit on the sidewalk, and blown the Sound Transit budget by a billion. At this point, sleeping on the job sounds pretty good.

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