Manila Feature Requests

Many of these items I’ve implemented in manila, but are difficult use except on custom modified sites. It would be nice to get them into the standard distribution stream. permalink

  1. Make gems work out of the box on mac servers, using frontier as the server for gems. (i.e. fix the type/creator/mimetype/filename issues.) Have/allow sitename.com/gems point to the gems folder. (Supposedly fixed now)
  2. Allow arbitrary values in the xml site structure for categories, and have them interpreted as #directives when traversing. Require them to be strings and not evaluated, or safe script them. Make sure they survive a round trip through radio. Give plugins and possibly a specific macro access to it.
  3. Custom 404 pages. see http://www.wiredfool.com/notFound. If the page doesn’t exist, and 404 does in the site structure, redirect there, and record the error. (404s now are returned, I guess it’s a start)
  4. Traverse site logs and email text versions to the admin daily. (errors, hits, referrers, useragent). This could be a plugin.
  5. Multi level navbars. Check the Photo Album navbar link above. On the back end, I’ve done it by done by nesting items in the xml. Either implementation of the feature or some way to override the existing navbar renderer so that I don’t have to render the manila one, throw it away, and render mine.
  6. Synergy between navigation and the site structure. Especially with the multi level bits, it would be nice to be able to automatically add site structure directories to the navigation.
  7. A callback that has access to pre and post changes versions of anything in the dg that changes, along with a description of the change.
  8. Robots.txt pref. Allow all, disallow all, allow google only, and custom options.
  9. If you change the name of a picture through Discuss ->edit, update the shortcut to reflect the new name.

Added 1/29/2002 —
{includeMessage(890, false,false,false)}

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  1. Commenter September 15th, 2001 10:18 pm

    Eric just for fun look at http://www.cfsd.k12.az.us/ the navagation is generated at render time from the site structure (as is the site map)

    Sam D

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