NIMDA fallout

From my ISP:

The affects of this worm are detrimental to all and we’d like to give each
member a chance to secure their machines. However, after 9/23/01,
Speakeasy’s Abuse Team will be freezing the DSL circuit hooked to any
machine infected with the worm. We apologize for the inconvenience of
this, but it is imperative that we ensure our network is not assisting in
the propogation of this, or any, worm. All of us are part of a larger
community, and it really isn’t cool to infect your neighbors.

Whoo-hoo! Someone nearer to the core who is doing something about this. My only suggestion is that future worms only have a 1 day window, or less. Given the analysis that asserts that a warhol worm is possible (infecting all vunerable hosts in 15 minutes), perhaps these connections should be shut down on detection.

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