Prime time.

Got 10.1 after 3 visits to the local apple store. At least I got to play with a dual processor machine hooked up to a cinema display while I was waiting. (Incidentially, Aqua looks horrible on lcd screens. I’m surprised that they’re so into anti-aliasing when it’s sucha bad fit to the majority of their product line – ugly antialiasing on the lcds, and not enough screen real estate on imacs.)The update can be hard to get a hold of, but it’s worth it.

  • It works with my digital camera.
  • It works with my file servers. (netatalk, Finally!)
  • It’s a lot faster. Usable on a g3. Snappy on a g4.
  • It hasn’t broken a lot of other things.

Which is enough to make me say that it’s a success. That’s not to say that things haven’t broken, I’m having trouble with quicktime and iDisk on a cleanly reformatted partition. But that’s stuff I rarely used when it was working.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put it on my main dev machine. I have a very nice working system and I don’t want to deal with the inevitable days of delay and downtime making the conversion.

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