Falling Down

The falls, from the end of the pedestrian walkway.

I’ve been driving home near sundown the last few days. The air in the Puget Sound basin has taken on a luminous quality. When it falls on brick, there is a deep orange luster. When it filters through the trees, the reds are vivid. When it spills over the olympics, it is a cottony gold. The purple of the mountains nearly dissappear behind the soft glowing of the air. Sometimes the peaks of the mountains are obscured by shafts of light.

The falls, a little closer in. The sun is behind me, so the mist from the falls is making a rainbow at the left.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to capture the light in a manner describable to any one else. It’s certainly hard to photograph. I’m not sure I’ll even remember it tomorrow.

The rainbow from at the side. This is a tricky picture since I'm shooting at the boundary of direct sun an deep shadow, trying to capture shimmering light floating in mid air. Not sure the exposure, but it was bracketed.

Unless it greets me tomorrow evening.

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