Iron Monkey

Saw Iron Monkey last night. What a great way to spend a couple of hours. Amazing fight scenes, clear moral lessons, and the good guys win. Yeah it’s a formula, but it’s a fun formula.

I’ll ignore the violations of Newton’s law and most of the other laws of physics. I’ll ignore that there always seems to be one more undamaged piece of bamboo to break.

***Open Source Software

I’m really liking OSX and Open Source Software. Today, I downloaded two software packages as source that aren’t included in any of the various ports collections. Neither compiled out of the box. One quick pass through bugzilla for the first yielded a patch that worked. A quick google search, and two pages later I had the solution for the other one, involving building with a different switch and more include directories. Had these been non source distributions, I doubt that it could have been done at all.

That’s very profound Jimmy, but what’s it mean?

It means that I spent saturday fooling around with computers. What else could it mean.

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