Driving Annoyances

You know when there’s a line of traffic backed up so that you can’t get across the intersection? So drivers will wait until they can get across to enter the intersection. This is apparently the cue for someone to make a right on red and block the intersection.

Yesterday on the way home this happened twice. On the same street (Denny). At consecutitive intersections (Westlake and Dexter). I would post the license plate numbers but my camera was in the trunk.

At least they aren’t just sailing through on a red light. I’ve nearly been hit a couple of times in the last 3 weeks by people going through 5 or 10 second old red lights.


Sometimes when I’m writing, I look down and recognize the handwriting as not my own. Sometimes it’s my sister’s, sometimes it looks like my mom or dad’s. Either it’s genetic or my handwriting has gotten mare variable than it used to be.

Then again, I’m starting to see fonts as handwriting. IM windows look wrong if the font is not what I’m used to seeing from that person. I find it hard to IM when I’m not writing in 10 point New York, black on white background.


I want one. This is pure toy envy. It’s only a little bigger than my cell phone. I just wish it came in graphite. or ti. And I’d like a microphone jack.

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