A hand made pillar candle.

***Schrodinger’s Server

I have a test server that only crashes when I’m not looking at it. When I’m hammering on it, trying to make it crash, it’s fine. When I leave it alone in the corner of the office, it’s fine. When I go home for dinner, it croaks. Sometimes.


I finally properly set up my mp3 server again after its meltdown 6 months ago (“Flakey Hardware Resolution”). Or rather, I set up the ID3/ m3u system so that my radio userland player can use the 15 cds that I’ve added since march. It’s amazing how a little new music can make a day change its pace. So I’ve been listening to the barenaked ladies. Fun music, with hooks that you wouldn’t believe.

What you might not believe that I hadn’t heard Stunt (from 1998) before this month. It’s so easy to hear without listening, or as I used to say: ‘It’s subliminal if you’re not paying attention’.

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