Thinking Positively

  • Traffic jams can be fun. There’s lots of good music in my cd changer.
  • Traffic jams feel really good when they evaporate in front of you – allowing for pure acceleration to crusing speed.

***Clear and Present Danger

HP is ending calculator development. This could be one of the most damaging thing that they could do to the engineering capability of this country. In my previous life as an engineer, 11 of the 12 people in my department used HP calculators. Most of them would be lost if they had to deal with a different model, let alone one that did not do RPN.

The only consolation is that almost all of the HP calculators were already ancient and still going strong. Mine was several years old when I got it in 1991. Of course My 28S was the pinnacle of calculator development, as close to perfect as I need a calculator to be.

Rainwater Streaming down Pine Street after the webloggers' dinner.

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