Cloudy, with sun breaks.

It’s the depth of winter. The next 5 days, according to the Seattle PI:

Showers giving way to some sun late.
Showers daily, then some clearing.
Windy with periods of rain.
Still windy with rain possible.
Cooler, chance of lingering showers.

There’s a reason that there is an espresso stand on every corner in this city. On the other hand, at least the weather will be different for a few days.

*** 28 words for Grey

An art installation. People near Portland should check this out. From Whim (noonish) through Cubicle (heavy clearing rain) to Dumper (rain during afternoon rush hour).

*** One promotion to bind them all…

One Ring of Power Collection to rule them all;
One Ring to Bind Their Power Features;
One Ring to collect all the figures
and in the Ring of Power activate Them.

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