Segway Segway Segway

The view from the office deck, near sunset.
I had a nightmare recently.

The scene: Downtown Seattle. Grey. (Deadpan) Wet. Rush Hour. Winter.

A Cyclist is riding, wearing somewhat dirty clothes, riding a cross bike. (think racing hybrid) When suddenly out of the corner of his eye… A shining Smiling Gap clad Guy on a Segway, bearing down on him. The cyclist takes a quick turn, and there’s another Gap Guy, coming out of an alley.

A quick drop down a flight of stairs, and there’s another one. Smiling. Chasing. Relentless. Every escape leads to another Smiling Gap Guy. The nightmare ends at street like Queen Anne or Denny (18% grade) as the cross rider gets slower and slower honking up the hill.

It ends because I wake up. I don’t know if the bike rider gets away.View from the deck, at night

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