Movies of the year

The Best movies of the year. These are ones that I remember coming out this year in Seattle. (NY/LA premiers don’t count.) :

  • Memento (sleeper category)– It ran through my mind for a long while after the show. I think I finally figured out that everything could be as it seems. Or maybe not. I also saw an earlier film by the same director (Chris Nolan) Following, which had the same mastery of the final act. Just as it winds down, when you’ve just gotten to empathize with the protaganist, you see just how badly he’s trapped himself.
  • O Brother Where Art Thou (hollywood?)– For some reason this goofy earthy movie got stuck in my mind. Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the directors.
  • Amelie (foreign) — A very French movie. The camera just loves the lead actress (Audrey Tautou).
  • Lord of the Rings (epic) — It will get better with another watching. Details just are, they aren’t explained. The movie captured the epic scope of the myths of the world in earlier ages. Maybe I’m reacting to reading the book for the first time this year, but the movie certainly held up its end of the deal.

    Other Movies worth seeing:

  • Startup.com — It hit a little close to home. Almost everything looked far too familiar. Search engines that were just wrong. Ship dates passing. Stupid VC tricks.
  • Together — Sweedish Hippies. A touching story about porridge. Communisim. Sex.
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